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Graphic Designs

These are just a few graphic design samples I have made in my professional and academic career using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Many of them have an emphasis on text and the different emotional impacts they can have in designs.


Due to copyrights, this gallery does not include many of my professional samples however, they may be viewed be request.
  • Grapical Font Design using Name Adam
  • Font Study to Express Emotions
  • AM Font Designs Using Black and White Positive and Negative Space
  • Poster Depicting a Quote Visually Through Text
  • Vector Original - Referee Arms Painting of a Negative, Green
  • Poster Redesign Study One using Text Only
  • Poster Redesign Study Two using Text and Graphics Equally
  • Poster Redesign Study Three using Graphics Primarily and Text Secondary
  • Design That Doesn't Use the Product, Service, or Logo as the Main Visual
  • Ambient Logo Design
  • Visual Inspirations By APM Logo
  • Visual Inspirations By APM Advertisement
  • Visual Inspirations By APM Advertisement Small
  • Personal Logo Study - Visually Depicting Myself
  • Book Cover Redesign